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Hi there, my name is Kurn and I’m excited to say that I’ll be writing the guild leadership column here at Sentry Totem!

In my more than seven years of playing World of Warcraft, I spent five years as a raid leader, four years as a healing lead and three years as a guild master. As a guild master, I’ve seen it all, from the ascent of a guild to its peak and its crashing to the ground. I’ve witnessed people ninja-transfer off the server in the middle of the night and I’ve caught someone who faked their own death. What this means is that I have spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with people while playing this game and I’m probably familiar with most any issues you, as guild leaders, will face.

Not only was I heavily involved with my own guild, obviously, but my blog, Kurn’s Corner, was a pretty good resource for PVE holy paladins while I was still actively playing. I even somehow convinced my buddy Majik to do a (mostly) weekly podcast with me, entitled Blessing of Frost, that ran for 75 episodes during the Cataclysm expansion. (To this day, we are both amazed and awestruck by the fact that other people actually listened to it!)

Having been so involved in WoW and various WoW communities, it was no surprise to me that about six months after I stopped playing WoW, I still couldn’t stop thinking about WoW. So I sat down and started writing. I wrote a massive guide to being a guild master and launched it in August of 2013. I followed that up with another guide, this time focusing on raiders, and launched that in February of this year. I have two more guides planned; one will be for raid leaders and the other one for general guild officers. All of my guides are available for purchase over at Kurn’s Guides, if you’d like to check them out.

That said, fear not: there will be regular new posts at Sentry Totem all about how to deal with guild-related issues, questions, problems and how to head those things off at the pass. Be sure to stay tuned for all kinds of information designed specifically to help you in the challenge of leading a guild!

(PS: This will be the shortest thing you read from me. Ever. No, seriously!)

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