Legendary Cloak Quest Last Chance – Black Prince Buff Extended

If you’re still working on your cloak for any of your characters (I’m working on 6 and 7!), this is your last chance to take advantage of the extra reputation and quest drops buff! Blizzard announced a few important details regarding the Legendary quest line, most notably:

  • Once the 6.0.2 pre-patch hits, new characters will not be able to start the questline.
  • If you’re on Test of Valor when 6.0.2 hits, you’ll skip to the next phase, since Valor is going away.
  • Finally, when Warlords releases, the questline will be gone entirely, so you only have until release to get your cloak!

See the full announcement after the jump.
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Guild Leadership :: What Makes a Guild a Guild?

My dear readers, I find myself in a somewhat philosophical mood as I sit down to write this column. I read a very interesting question on Twitter last week:

This is an excellent question. Let’s explore some answers together, shall we?

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Securing Your Raid Spot for Mythic T17

I was originally planning on writing on a completely different topic until @kpolk817 gave me a better idea for an article. What can a player do to secure their spot in their guild for Mythic raiding? With 20 man raids putting the squeeze on 25 man guilds and forcing 10 man raids to deal with rapid expansion, many individual players are bound to be worried about whether they will have a spot in their current guilds once the dust settles. From my experiences with guilds, there are some simple DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to ensuring your raid spot in a guild.

DO NOT give your guild’s leaders an ultimatum

Telling your guild’s leaders that you want in for 100% of fights or that you want in over Jimmy, Timmy, and Sally all of the time because you personally think they’re bad players. Assuming a guild’s leadership is competent (not all leaderships are) they will easily be able to tell if Player D  is better than Players A, B, and C. Being overly vocal about being in over them 1) can make you come off as a pompous douche who isn’t a team player and 2) will make you enemies among the officers since they might see you as inferring that they can’t even properly slot a raid. If you legitimately are concerned about having a raid spot, bring it up with your officers and even the people in your raid of similar roles in a mature manner. Often times, things can be worked out. Maybe someone wants to be for fights A, B, and F, while another person prefers fights C, D, and E. For all you know, someone who you think you’ll be competing with for a roster slot during the next tier has decided to quit the game.
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Lore :: Azeroth’s Past [Part 7] – Aegwynn

Author’s Note: This article includes history that spans the timeline covered by [Part 5] & [Part 6] of my Azeroth’s Past series. There will be around 900 years of time that passes during this article. Please keep this in mind, as we will be discussing one of the most powerful, and fantastical members of Warcraft’s universe. Thank you.

Welcome back, everyone! This is Vxt, your trusty lorekeeper, here to take you on yet another journey through Azeroth’s Past! Please be sure to post comments below if you have anything to say or ask. Secondly, be sure to read my other posts if you have not already. Well let’s begin, shall we?

The Beginning of Times

Aegwynn was trained in magic by Guardian Magna Scavell, and was the only girl among five apprentices. Most of the boys treated her unfairly, citing she would never become a mage due to her being a woman, but Aegwynn persevered. Through all the taunting, she pushed forward to best her male counterparts at every turn. But one accomplishment stood above the rest.

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Priest Healing:: Raid Awareness and Mobility in WoD

I think we’re all pretty accustomed to teasing our DPS for standing in the fire. But how often do we do it? Yes, us, the healers, the perfect players… Well, probably more than we should. As healers we have more liberty to take avoidable damage and heal through it. There are times in which this is acceptable, for example when channeling Divine Hymn. It’s certainly a judgment call—will the damage I take standing here kill me?  A dead healer is a useless healer. So with WoD coming up and SoO coming to a much anticipated close, I’d like to reaffirm the importance of raid awareness. Especially with regards to mobility.

Let me also firmly state: Mythic Testing thus far has been highly mobile. Even with less instants overall, healers need to move to prevent death, perform mechanics, etc. You will need to manage your toolkit with respect to how mobile you can be at any given moment.
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