Guild Leadership :: Cleaning Up the Roster

World of Warcraft currently permits only 1000 characters in a guild. While only a very few guilds are going to bump up against that limit, inevitably, some of them will. Some may come close to the limit, but only a few guilds will ever see that bump.

However, the end of an expansion may be a good time to go through your roster and clean it up. I know a lot of guild masters can’t stand to see people in their rosters who haven’t been online in a long time. This chore has always led to interesting questions for me, particularly given how I approach guild leadership.

How long do you feel is “too long” between log-ins for your guildmates, to the point where you’ll remove them from the guild for inactivity? That’s what we’ll tackle today.

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Priest Healing:: The Importance of Toolkit Synergy

I am one of those players who looks at beta numbers with a very lighthearted view. Numbers can change, tuning is something that can be done very close to a release. While it’s generally unwise to make large adjustments with limited testing, it isn’t of the same scope as mechanically changing a spec. Thus, I put a lot of my focus on how a spec feels to play. I generally ask myself a few important things when evaluating a spell or sequence of spells:

  • How is this spell altered by other spells in my toolkit?
  • Will any passives change this spell?
  • Am I rewarded or punished for using this (or not using this) spell?
  • Are there incentives that make me want to cast this spell before or after another spell?

So let’s look at where Priest healing specs have great synergy, and where they don’t.

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Guild Leadership :: The Onboarding Experience

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another new Guild Leadership column! As a reminder, there will be no column this coming Friday, August 22nd, as I continue to acclimate to my new job.

Speaking of the new job, however, last week’s column drew parallels between my responsibilities at my job and my responsibilities as a guild master. Guess what? Yup, same thing today! Part of my job means that I get to help “onboard” new customers. Read on to discover what the heck “onboarding” is and how it relates to your job as a guild leader.

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Guild Leadership :: The Business of Churn

Before we get started today, I just wanted to let you know that for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be skipping my regular Friday column. I’m still acclimating to my new day job (emphasis on day!) and so until I get my routine settled, I’m just going to be posting here on Tuesdays. But I shall return for both Tuesdays and Fridays in just a couple of weeks, I promise!

That said, my day job’s “key performance indicator”, or “KPI”, is a reduction in churn. Essentially, it’s up to me to help slow down the rate of cancellation of people using the service my company provides. (… yeah, I’m a little concerned that I’m the person in charge of this, too!)

That got me to thinking about churn in WoW guilds, so today we’re going to discuss the business of churn.

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